Coming Out Loud - Premiere Screening - 7th August 2020


WE ARE SOLD OUT! The special itself is available for sale HERE VIA THIS LINK, get your copy of Coming Out Loud NOW!

The first ever independently released stand-up comedy special in Asia is HERE! Sam See - Coming Out Loud will premiere on 7th August 2020 on Zoom, where you can not only watch the special before anyone else, but you'll also get bonus opening acts, a post show Q&A, and a copy of the Premium Edition of the special, which includes added content, all for the price of the screening!

"★★★★ There’s real steel in his comedic bones" - BROADWAYBABY

"Edgelord comedians take note...people will be happy to pay to spend an hour in such charming company" - CHORTLE

As a stand-up comedian in a country where free speech and gay rights are non-existent, Sam See has a lot he wants to talk about. Coming Out Loud is a journey of government censorship, bad charity shows and the Middle East. From Singapore to the rest of the world, Sam is letting it all out. This show was picked as one of the top 14 best Free Fringe shows (Edinburgh Live) and the top 50 Unmissable shows of the Fringe (To Do List).

7th August 2020, 9:00pm SGT
Show Length:
90 Minutes (1.5 Hours)
Ticket Includes: Screening of 'Coming Out Loud' & Premium Edition of 'Coming Out Loud' on Vimeo OTT

Q: How do I claim the Premium Edition of 'Coming Out Loud'?

A: On August 8th, the release date of the special, you will be emailed a coupon code you can use on the website (CLICK HERE) to get your copy for free.

Q: What's in the Premium Edition?
A:- Instant Streaming & HD Downloads of 'Coming Out Loud'
- Subtitles in English only
- Instant Streaming & HD Downloads of 'Coming Out Loud - Parents Edition', with PIP of Sam's Parents
- Instant Streaming & HD Downloads of 'Behind The Closet', a retrospective of the show and its journey
- Instant Streaming of 'My First Set', Sam's first stand-up comedy performance

Q: If I bought multiple tickets to the screening, will I get multiple codes?

A: Yes! A coupon code will be given per ticket purchase.

Q: Can I sell the coupon code or give it away to a friend?

A: The code is for you to do as you wish, though if you end up selling it for a lot of money, or barter it away for some strange and unique objects/services, contact Sam cause he'll definitely be keen to learn how you did that. (comedy@mrsamsee.com)

Q: If I've pre-ordered the Special and also want to come for the screening, will I get a discount or free entry?

A: Fraid not. The Special and a Ticket to the Screening are two different products altogether.

Q: Who are the opening acts on the Screening?

A: They are Qamarul Haziq and Collin Christopher, the opening acts from the recording. You will be watching their oepning sets from the night itself.

Q: If I bought a ticket way back in October for the recording, can I get a discount or a free ticket to the screening?

A: Nice try, but I'm afraid not. Sorry, Father needs to buy board games, bowties and bourbon while paying rent.

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Fri Aug 7, 2020
9:00 PM - 10:30 PM SGT
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General Admission SOLD OUT $7.00
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